Say Good Bye To Fatty Arms


Certain weight training exercises can help tone your arms.

No one likes fatty arms. They just don’t look good. Sure, you can conceal them from time to time. However, there are times when you just want to wear something really fashionable that entails you to show your arms. With fatty arms, you just can’t do that. Somehow, you will feel conscious about showing your fatty arms.

According to, having fatty arms is the result of not working out and eating a diet that’s high in calories. With that kind of sedentary lifestyle, you end up storing fat in your arms and in the other parts of your body as well.

To make matters worse, you are most likely to get fatty arms as you get older. Medline Plus states that body fat increases and lean muscle decreases as you age.  So it really is pretty inevitable to get fatty arms.

Causes Of Fatty Arms

The most interesting reason why most women get fatty arms is this. According to, low-testosterone levels can be the cause of fatty arms.

There are various reasons why testosterone levels are low. It could be attributed to an inadequate intake of protein. It could also be that the body is deprived of sleep and an intensive physical workout.

However, the most shocking reason as to why most women end up with fatty arms is the fact that there is an increased estrogen level brought about by eating meats and dairy products that have been injected with hormones.  So again, it’s about diet.

If you are struggling to get rid of your fatty arms, take a good look at your diet. Are you sure about your meats and dairy products? Do you know where they are coming from? If you have no idea, whatsoever, where your meats and dairy products are coming from, then it’s time to change your diet.

You need a diet that’s all natural, says the weight management experts at If you think that kind of diet is hard to find, it’s not. There is a diet called Bistro MD and it’s a diet delivery service that offers food dishes that are made from fresh ingredients.

Unlike the other diet delivery services, Bistro MD is committed to deliver all natural foods. As a matter of fact, their food sources don’t contain dangerous chemicals and are not injected with any kind of artificial hormones. If you want to stay away from those hormone-laden food products, then it’s best you consider this healthy diet.

A Quick Workout To Get Rid Of Fatty Arms

Eating a healthy diet of natural foods is not enough. If you really want to get rid of your fatty arms, you need to work out your shoulders, biceps, and triceps.

This video shows you a workout that contains 12 exercises guaranteed to help you say good-bye to fatty arms.

The first exercise is the Standing V Raise:

Grab those weights and let’s get going. We’re going to start off with working our shoulders. So I want your hand on your weight. Your thumbs are going to be facing forward and we’re just going to lift out to the side into a V. Our shoulders are going to be leveled with our arms. It’s just straight out. We’re going to have 15 of these and give me a slight bend in your knees as well so we’re not over flexing our legs and just get comfortable. Squeeze those abs as well. Be nice and center in the core and just bring those weights up to the side.

She also noted and added:

I’m using three-pound weights here. So you can test out what you need to use. You don’t want to go too heavy. Keep that back nice and straight as well …you just got five to go. You should be feeling it on those shoulders. If you can’t feel it, you need to use higher weights.

Now, that’s just the start. Still focusing on the shoulders, here is the second exercise. It’s called the Shoulder Press.

We’re going to have our arms out here like this. Bend again on the knee. I’m just going to push up. Fifteen, okay?  Keep it going. Keep that back nice and straight, pull that tummy in and just bring your arms up and down.

After doing fifteen Shoulder Presses, it’s time to do some Kickbacks. This exercise is going to help develop your triceps.

This one you need to come down. Your weights are going to be where your hips are and we’re just going to extend back out. We’re going to do both arms at the same time. So fifteen of these. You’re holding your weights like you did when you did that first V, okay? So same thing, thumbs facing forward and extend back. Nice lower bend in the knees this time.

The next exercise still focuses on your triceps. It’s called the Tricep Extensions and you would need heavier weights for this particular exercise. Here’s how it goes.

If you’ve got something heavier at home, you’re going to need this. I’m going to hold the weight like this, above my head and I’m just going to drop the weight down above my head. So we’re going to have fifteen of these. As you can see, it’s not a massive movement. I’m just moving the weight behind my head. I want to keep my back nice and straight. Again, if you want to put a slight bend in the knee, you can. You’re going to feel those triceps burning. Keep it going. You got to put in the effort to get those strong arms and breathe. Make sure you’re inhaling and exhaling.

Back to the three-pound weights, you’re going to have to do some In & Out Curls. In this exercise, you will be working your bicep muscles.

We’re going to hold those weights that we did earlier with our thumbs facing forward. We’re going to bring them up and then we’re going to turn our palms out and take them out to the sides. So we’ve got twenty of these and this counts as one. Let’s keep it going. Bend in those knees again. Get yourself comfortable.

At this point, the video shares a friendly reminder. It goes:

You gotta finish this whole workout video so that you get that full upper body torso.

The rest of the video shows more exercises that can help you get rid of your fatty arms. The Inside Curls work out your bicep muscles. The Reverse Flys and the Hawk Raises work out your shoulders.

The Dips and the pushups will work on your triceps. While the Reverse Curls will take you back to working on your biceps again.

The last exercise is the Curl Holds. You’re going to have to do this one very, very slowly, five times. It looks pretty easy but considering the slow pace you need to be on while doing this particular exercise, you are going to really work out your muscles and you are going to feel it, no doubt.

The Perfect Combination To Say Good Bye To Fatty Arms

While fatty arms could be attributed to age, you can still work around it. You just can’t give up the dream of having great looking arms simply because you’re past 30 already.


  1. Most of the diet foods that I have been seeing are all pretty much processed. Bistromd is the only diet that offers fresh food. Each dish is like a home-cooked meal that’s very colorful at that. I’m very much interested in trying this diet food. Thanks for featuring it.

  2. The first time I watched the video, I thought to myself that it was pretty easy to follow. When I actually did it, it hurt. It looked pretty easy but it wasn’t. Then I listened well to the video and followed instructions. I really have to breathe and to bend my knees so I wouldn’t hurt myself.

  3. @clairef Yes, it’s hard to tell really if the meats we’re eating are all safe. If you look up Bistro MD, you’ll learn that this is the only diet plan that serves hormone-free meat. The meat sources of Bistro MD have all been naturally raised. This makes it a safer option for folks like us who want to eat right.

  4. I’ve had fatty arms ever since I can remember. Even when I was into a lot of sports, my arms had always been fatty. I just couldn’t trim the fat in those areas and that prevented me from wearing a lot of cute blouses. I’m giving BistroMD a try. If I can get natural foods from this diet service, then it’s definitely worth a try.

  5. I’m not much of a meat eater but I do eat a lot of dairy products. I had no idea they could increase estrogen level. I guess I’m safer with non dairy products like almond milk.

  6. It would be very hard to tell if the meats we’re eating were safe. How can we really be sure about them? I really wouldn’t know the difference between a hormone-injected meat and a clean, maybe, organic meat. Just the same, I would go for the clean, organic meat if that could help trim my arms.

  7. I can’t really say that my arms are fatty because they’re more like loose than fatty. Just the same, they don’t look good. I always have to conceal them and that’s why I don’t wear sleeveless or halter tops. I would love to have toned arms and that’s why I am trying out the exercise you have here. I’ve also looked into Bistromd and it looks promising.

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