A Quick Cardio Workout And Proper Diet Can Help You Lose Weight


Combining cardio with yoga and weight training makes for a more effective workout.

There’s no quick path to weight loss. No short cut. No overnight quick fix. It really takes some time to shed off some weight, most especially if you want to do it safely. Aside from being dangerous, an overnight quick fix is such a temporary solution to weight loss. You’re most likely to gain it all back. That’s just not the right way to do it.

A safe weight loss really entails a certain span of time. There’s just no way you can do it overnight. It takes time, hard work, and pain to lose weight safely. Suffice to say, it takes blood, sweat, and tears to really get back to shape.

Cardio Is The Way To Go

There are so many ways to lose weight. The best way to really achieve a safe weight loss is by working out.  That way, you can get into a healthier shape by being leaner and fitter. Wow!

The best workout you could get on is cardio. According to a Duke University study featured on womenshealthmag.com, a good cardio workout can actually burn more calories. Strength training is good but a good cardio workout can help you lose weight in a shorter span of time.

Looks like cardio is really the way to go. Even this video can attest to.it.

Cardio is a great way to burn calories and strengthen your heart.

Cardio is a great workout for weight loss but you would have to spend some time doing it. After all, great cardio workout takes time, right? Not really.

The video mentioned above presents a great cardio workout that goes for ten minutes only. Yes, just ten minutes of your time.

If you haven’t been on some kind if cardio workout, don’t worry. The cardio workout featured on the video is great for newbies as well.

A Quick Cardio Workout

There’s no need for you to spend hours on a workout. All you need for this particular cardio workout is ten minutes. The cardio workout starts out with a particular exercise called Arm Circles with Heel Tap

Were going to start with just some big arm circles and as you bring those arms around, I want you to give a little heel tap. You don’t have to try and work in any kind of order here. Just make sure that you’re moving those feet and you’re moving those arms. However fast you want to go with those circles … Just keep those feet moving.

That wasn’t so hard but it’s just the beginning. The next exercise is called the March With Over Under Clap.

Bring your hands up high. Bring your knee up high and as you bring that foot down, bring the other knee up. Up high, underneath. You really want to lift that knee up. Tuck those abs in tight as you bring that knee up so we really start to hurry up now til we have the arms and legs really starting to move. We’re going to switch about halfway. Then we’re going underneath that other leg. We’re going to switch it out. So we’re going to go under and over, under and over.  This is a great way to work the shoulders and by picking that knee up and clapping under that knee, you’re really forcing yourself to use those lower abs and use that leg.

The cardio workout starts to take its pace with the next exercise called High Knee Skip. You will start to get moving at this point.

You’re just going to start picking those knees up a little higher. It’s a great way to get that cardio up and we’re really starting to work those legs. Next, we’re going to go to the Quickstep. This is for more agility. You’re going to take a quick step forward and a quick step backward. Depending on your speed is how fast you’re going to go. You’re going to feel your calves fire up on this and go fast!  Now, whichever foot you were just leading with, switch. This is going to challenge your whole muscular system.

An important point she makes is this:

Now, we’re going to go inside, outside. You’re going to step out with the right and out with the left. Then we’re going to speed it up. You’re doing this as quickly as you can. You’re going in and out. If you make yourself go real fast, you’re going to feel your leg burn even more. If you need to work on your coordination a little bit, go a little slower. And then let’s switch. So lead with the other foot, out, out, and in.

At this point, you’re probably trying to catch your breath. Take it easy. This cardio workout is not a contest or a competition. Keep in mind that you are trying to lose weight and not beat anyone with this workout. Establish your own pace. This particular workout only takes ten minutes a day. So you can pretty much afford to do it every single day. Take it slow and get on with the next exercise.

Keep those feet wide. We’re going to go into a Squat and Punch. Lowering those hips, you’re going to keep the feet wide. Come up, give it a little twist, Punch. Down, Punch, Down. Punch. Start to speed it up now. So we’re going to get that cardio and we’re getting a little strength. You dont have to go too deep on the squats. Get that twist. Really feel that core. As you rotate, punch it out.

After the Squat and Punch, prepare yourself for the Foot Fires. Yes, this particular exercise will really fire your feet to work.

Keeping those feet nice and wide, we’re going to do Foot Fires. This is kind of an old football drill. So your feet are about as wide as this mat and you’re going to start to go quickly. Off the balls of your feet. You’re going to keep those knees slightly bent. Burn and jog it off.

Now that felt pretty good, right? Your next move is the classic Hopscotch. This shouldn’t be so hard for you to do.

We’re going to go hopscotch like back in the olden days.  One foot’s on the center of your mat and you’re going to go out and lean on the other foot and go out.

You are halfway done here. After the classic Hopscotch, go back and do some March With Over Under Clap, Squat and Punch, Foot Fires, Hopscotch, and finally Quickstep. Finally, you’re all done. You’ve just had some intense cardio workout, without spending hours working your body. It definitely is a great workout to get a lot of variety and a lot of cardio.

Make It All Worthwhile

The cardio workout featured on the video is, no doubt, intense. You’re really going to feel your body work. It will hurt and it will feel good at the same time.

The weight loss management experts at savvywp.com cautions you to not let your blood, sweat, and tears go down the drain by eating a high calorie diet. Make it all worthwhile by eating a diet that’s not only going to help you lose weight but will also provide you the energy to keep up with the intensive ten-minute cardio workout.

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According to a fitness expert featured on shape.com, you really need to consider the calories you take in. For you to do that, you need a healthy diet that can deliver the right amount of calories so that you can eat well and still lose weight. Thats exactly how an intensive ten-minute cardio workout and a portion-controlled diet like Bistro MD can help you lose weight.