Here’s How Busy Moms Can Get Fit Fast


There are certain exercises that you can do to boost your metabolism.

Moms are incredibly busy. They take care of the kids, the home, and other stuff. They’re up early each and every single day to make sure everybody is all good. Before they even think of themselves, they make sure everybody else is fed and taken care of. A busy mom hardly has the time to put herself first.

That shouldn’t be the case but for most moms, it is. If you’re not like most moms, then you’re pretty lucky to be able to find some for yourself.

Now, if you’re like most moms, then you know exactly how it feels to have to go through each and every single day stretching the hours so that you can do more.

Sad to say, time is never on your side when you’re a busy mom. With all the things you have to do, you just won’t have the time to do something for yourself.

It’s for that reason why most busy moms blame their hectic schedule for their weight gain. According to, most busy moms usually end up grazing because they always feel like they’re running against time.  Hence, they don’t take the time to enjoy their meals. Instead, they take bites of whatever food they can get hold of. Unfortunately, those bites add up to sudden weight gain.

With no time to go to the gym, most busy moms are usually faced with the challenge to lose some weight. If you are facing the same challenge, you’re probably asking yourself how in the world can you get fit without having to sacrifice some precious hours of the day?

Here’s How You Can Do It

A hectic schedule is always a good excuse to weight gain. You can use that excuse but you’re really just fooling yourself.  At the end of the day, you’re going to be looking at someone who is gaining weight fast and that’s you. So drop the excuses and do something about your weight gain.

Here’s a video of a quick intensive workout that you can try. All you need is a few minutes and you can finally get fit. According to the fitness expert featured on the video:

… you literally can crawl out of bed, drop to the floor or set your timer and do this workout.

So why not give it a try? This quick intensive workout is composed of four kinds of exercises. Here’s how the video starts out:

This is your eight minute morning workout. Let’s go! Four exercises, two times through. They are some hard-core exercises because if you only got eight minutes, you’re going to get it in. If you want to do it longer, you may. You can do it to 12 minutes, you can do it to sixteen. I really don’t recommend more than that.

Eight minutes is quick, very quick. It wouldn’t be that hard for you to spare eight minutes a day for yourself. Here’s exercise one:

You are going to go on your own and take your timer and go knock it out. First one. Ten wide legs. Ten high knees, ten inside feet.

The first exercise seems pretty easy at a glance but you have to do it very, very fast. You have to lift your knees high and you have to do it fast and quick. It can get pretty tiring especially if you are not used to the workout yet.

If you think exercise one is challenging, take a good look at exercise two.  It seems as scary as it sounds.

Cut throat push ups…These are no joke. I’m going to start off showing you the most advanced and I’m going to modify it from there. What I did was, instead of doing a push up clap, I did a push up and tried to cut my throat. These can also be done from your knees. Come on and give it a try. I’m also kind of tapping my shoulder. You want to tap your shoulder, just get up off the ground. If this is even still too hard for you, just do a push up with a clap from your knees. You can also give me a push up with some shoulder taps. Even if you can still do push-ups from your toes but the clap or the cutthroat is too hard for you, you can still do this.

Regular push-ups are hard enough as they are. Adding a cutthroat hand motion won’t make it any easier for you or anybody for that matter.  Don’t feel too bad about that because the video shows you ways on how to go about this particular exercise.

The next exercise is pretty cool. Although it can hurt at the start, your body will soon get used to it.

A jump squat with a dragon lunge. So, you’re going to get down into a squat position, you’re going to jump up, as high as you can back into a squat and you’re just going to lunge back into the side. You will see when I lunge back. I’m taking a huge step, straight behind me. It’s not a lunge back. It’s to the side.

Keep in mind that you are taking a lunge to the side and not to the back. You will actually end up in a pretty cool position once you lunge to the side. Here’s the final exercise.

The last one is plank pendulum. From your elbows, your body needs to be flat, completely flat on the ground…The plank pendulum, you’re in a plank and kicking your feet. These are extremely hard. I’m hitting your core, straight core. So I hit cardio, I hit abs, I hit legs, and I hit arms.  Eight minutes. That is all you need.

So that’s your eight-minute workout. It’s totally intensive but worth it. Since it only takes eight minutes of your time, it’s possible you can do it every single day.

To lose weight, it’s not enough that you do your eight-minute intensive workout every single day. You also need a healthy diet that can help you lose weight.

What good would your eight-minute intensive workout be, if you don’t eat the right stuff? You’re just going to waste your time and effort on your eight-minute intensive workout if you end up eating the wrong kind of food.

A healthy diet that goes perfectly well with your eight-minute workout is Bistro MD. It doesn’t entail a lot of effort and time to prepare this particular diet. As a matter of fact, the only effort you need to put in is when you customize your meals with the Bistro MD team. The Bistro MD team does everything else.

After you’ve collaborated with Bistro MD to customize your meals, you just have to wait for your meals to be delivered to your home. That’s all.

Each time you want to eat a Bistro MD meal, all you have to do is to heat it up. In just matter of minutes, you get a freshly cooked meal that’s preportioned to help you lose weight.

Bistro MD offers full meals. So you’re not deprived of carbs, meats, and veggies. There’s no need to worry about taking in many calories. Bistro MD controls the calories for you.

The pre-portioned meals of Bistro MD give you a feeling of fullness and satisfaction while you’re still within your limited calorie intake.  You will not end up grazing and eating everything you see.

The best thing about Bistro MD is that it’s very convenient. Just like your eight-minute intensive workout, it just takes is a couple of minutes to prepare Bistro MD meals.

Your eight-minute intensive workout, together with your Bistro MD diet, is really your key to lose weight fast. So even if you are a busy mom, you can get fit fast. With the eight-minute intensive workout and an easy-to-prepare diet like Bistro MD, you can finally stop making excuses.

Don’t Give Up

There’s hope for super busy moms like you. Don’t give up on your goal to lose weight even if you just can’t seem to find the time to do it. All you really need is an intensive workout that you can do for a couple of minutes a day. Top that with a healthy diet that needs little or no preparation at all. That’s pretty much how busy moms can get fit fast.